no pants no problem

did you know there is a whole genre of blogs wherein people post pictures of what they wear?

there is.

these hipsters (and sometimes not so much) put pictures of their outfits on the interwebs every.single.day for blogger stalkers like you and me to look at.

i know. shocking.

and even though i must admit, i think it's a bit vainglorious to take a picture of your outfit and put it on your blog every.single.day....my opinion of these types probably trends more glorious than vain.

if i posted what i wear every.single.day more often than not you'd be looking at me in my pajamas, or if i was feeling ambitious, sweaty workout clothes. (whatever. sweat is hot.)

this is a problem.

it's a problem because when flannel and baggy are your criteria for choosing what to wear, 9/10 you are going to end up feeling like a fat frump which we all know is bad for mental health etc.

i've been feeling like a fat frump so much lately that i decided to set a new years resolution. my goal isn't to loose weight, or get toned up. oh no. my goal is much less ambitious. it is:

GET DRESSED (more often).

i'm just getting around to it. inspired by my new favorite genre of blog, i figured i'd get the ball rolling on this goal by posting pictures of myself every.single.day dressed in non-sleepwear . but then i got to thinking, why stop at just getting dressed when i can get dressed up. so this week i will also be wearing a dress/skirt every.single.day.

we'll see if i feel less fat, less frump and more like a lady, more grown up.

here i am today:
shirt: jcrew, skirt: anthropologie, belt: jcrew, boots: frye, tights: target


nerak said...

um, if you ever refer to yourself as a fat frump again, i will punch you! you are disappearing!

cute outfit, lady.

Bonnie White said...

Grandma says finally a red headed granddaughter! It's about time. And I agree with nerak - you are positively too thin so those frumpy pjs were sirens rather than truth. You look marvelous.

Sherrie said...

Um I'd like to find some of these well dressed women, link some of these bizarre blogs.

I'll never do this because I'd have to admit that I wear my favorite jeans 3 days in a row, and have no idea how to wear a scarf fashionably, and that half of my wardrobe is from DI.

You do it well. Fab boots.

Lauren said...

looking hot! i love your outfit!