ways to combat S.A.D.

1. make netflix your new best friend.

2. buy a large tub of red vines at costco. hoard them.

3. dye your hair* ** ***.

* don't worry mom it is a temp--i'll be back to blond in no time. it was either this or cut it all off.
** since red fades from washing, i plan on not stepping foot in a shower for about 5 weeks.
*** yes, i agree. i look like a russian mail order bride.

(i love it)


Regina said...

You look absolutely beautiful! the colour really suits you! I hope all is well.

Mercedes said...

regina: you are so kind. thank you. i am doing well. i'd love to hear what is new with you!

ps other readers: my sister rax laughed and made fun of me for about 20 minutes when she looked at this picture. she's all: "you look like a wannabe russian mail order bride. is this going to be your profile picture for the dating service you go through? i'm pretty sure old creepsters are going to love the seductive/sweet look you've got going on....."

oy. she kills me.

Lauren said...

i love it. you can pull any color/cut off. i'm a witness! love you!