no pants. no problem: day 4


1. it is cold out and i am not in the mood for a dress* right now.
2. we are still having picture problems.....
3. what makeup colours do well for red heads? i think i'm looking a little washed out.

skirt: gap, sweater: tory burch for bergdof goodman, tights: gap, shoes....oh you can't see 'em.
the gap has been a goldmine lately....seriously diggin' it.
*oh and when i say dress....i usually mean skirt


Sherrie said...

I'm a red head (auburn actually) with warm skin and I have to stay away from reds and pinks that don't have any peach in them. If they're a little peachy, they look fab.

Mercedes said...

sherri! peachy colours are a dream! thanks for the tip.

my mom got eyelash extensions put on a while ago.....i'm thinking of following suit. oh vanity!

Anonymous said...

Don't do extensions. I loved mine but they destroy your lashes eventually. Do you have a new number? I've texted you. Send me your new one so I can tell you how to get really great lashes!!!


Mercedes said...

SARAH!!! ohmylanta. i am emailing you right now!